Nan's Log

xLog Experience Memo-01

Introduction to xLog#

It was a dark and stormy night, and I saw a recommendation for this platform on a blogger's blog, so I registered an account. However, I never really used it and just left it in my bookmarks.

Official Use#

These past few days, I came across articles and blogs on this platform again, so I decided to publish a few articles. Overall, the experience was good, but there are a few issues. The domain binding configuration went smoothly, and the panel is convenient for beginners like me. Thumbs up!

Exporting Issue#

When exporting, not only the articles but also the comment data are included. I hope there can be a way to filter them in the future.

Page Issue#

I hope there can be a new page for mutual links, reducing the cost of users figuring it out themselves (which I don't know how to do).

Comment Issue#

Emoji Issue#

The emojis never load, I'm not sure if it's my problem.

Loading Issue#

The comment box loads slowly in some network environments. After all, it's blockchain, so it's very slow. It's already good that the blog is optimized to this speed.

Visitor Website Input Barrier#

Another issue is that it's not possible to input a visitor's website (for non-xLog users), which may cause some inconvenience for bloggers who use other programs for mutual visits.

Image Issue#

The images load very slowly, and sometimes they can't be opened at all!


There are advantages, but there are more disadvantages

Automatic Deployment of SSL Certificates#

This can be considered an advantage because many free platforms don't have SSL certificates! It was forced in

Ready to Use#

This is very convenient, just use a wallet and you can register your own space!

Custom Domain#

Many platforms now require payment to bind a domain or have many restrictions, but xLog doesn't require that.


Overall, xLog is a free, visually appealing, blockchain-based blog hosting platform, among other things. However, there is still a long way to go, as there are many aspects that need to be more fully developed!

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