Nan's Log

After a two and a half year hiatus, I opened DingTalk again.


Recently, I saw that many bloggers were introducing DingTalk Personal Edition, so I decided to download and try the latest DingTalk Personal Edition, as well as "/".







Apply for Beta Testing#

This Personal Edition requires applying for beta testing, but the review process usually takes only a few minutes.


If you have already installed DingTalk (Enterprise Edition/Team Edition/Education Edition, etc.), there may be conflicts.

Jarvis Experience#

Here is an excerpt from an article by "Jarvis":

Alright, here is a blog post about the release of DingTalk Personal Edition:
DingTalk Personal Edition Release, a tool to improve work efficiency
DingTalk Personal Edition, a mobile office tool designed specifically for individual users, was officially released recently. As an application aimed at improving work efficiency and collaboration, DingTalk Personal Edition brings many conveniences and advantages to users.
DingTalk Personal Edition supports online chat and file transfer, which can help you communicate and collaborate quickly with your colleagues. In addition, it also has a workbench function that can help you manage and schedule daily work tasks, and you can set reminders to ensure that you don't miss important work. At the same time, the address book function can help you easily find and contact colleagues and clients, facilitating your work communication.
In addition, DingTalk Personal Edition also has powerful data security and privacy protection features. It adopts advanced encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of user data. At the same time, it also has permission management function, which can help users classify and control data to ensure data security.
The interface design of DingTalk Personal Edition is simple and user-friendly, meeting people's needs for mobile office tools. It can be easily installed and used on mobile phones, providing users with a quick and efficient work environment.
In summary, the release of DingTalk Personal Edition will help users improve work efficiency and collaboration capabilities, and bring a better work experience for individual users. We believe that over time, DingTalk Personal Edition will become an important member in the field of mobile office, bringing more convenience and advantages to users.

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