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Change language to Chinese in VSCode

This article tells you how to change the language to Chinese in VSCode. With just a few simple steps, you can make the VSCode interface in Chinese, making it more convenient to use! In addition, we will remind you of some precautions, such as ensuring that you download the VSCode software from official channels, and updating it regularly to ensure stability and performance. Let's enjoy the fun of programming in Chinese together!

Introduction to VSCode#

VSCode is a free, lightweight, cross-platform modern code editor developed by Microsoft. It supports multiple programming languages and frameworks, and has a rich ecosystem of extension plugins to meet a wide range of development needs. VSCode has common code editor features such as code highlighting, intelligent code completion, and debugger. It also supports Git version control, integrated terminal, and other advanced features, making it convenient for users to develop and debug code more efficiently. Its interface is clean, the operation is simple, and it is highly customizable, making it one of the preferred code editors for many programmers and developers.

Installing the Language Plugin#

Open the plugin store and search for "Chinese".

image (3)

After the installation is complete, check the bottom right corner of the software, click the button, and wait for the software to restart.

image (4)

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